Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Subway...

Bryce and I got to go to the Subway in Zion's last weekend. It was INCREDIBLE! The whole hike was around 9 miles. Alot of it was in the canyon and you had to hike from point A to point B. IF YOU EVER HIKE IT MAKE SURE YOU DO THE WHOLE THING! We kept seeing all these people just hiking up, but they didn't get to go through the "subway" which is the most amazing part. There was a few spots where you had to repell, and there are ALOT of spots where you had to submerge yourself in water! It was a blast. If you haven't done it before, take the time to do it! These pics don't do any justice of how beautiful it really was, but here they are anyway....

Where is Bryce?
One the repelling spots.
Heading into the "actual subway"

Here Bryce is swimming while trying to keep the pack (with the camera) above water...little bit of a struggle!
This butterfly just landed on me (3 different times!)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey All!

So over the last couple months, I've become a better facebooker and a horrible blogger!! The main reason, Bryce bought a camera that is so "high tech" it gives me a headache just to take a picture. I need some serious help when it comes to that thing!! You can't have a bunch of blogs without all the pictures that come with it, so I've started facebooking more. Retarded I know. This summer has just slipped by so fast though. We had a short summer, but a fun one. Lots of our days were spent at good 'ole Seven Peaks. Bryce just started teaching at Provo High this last week. We went to see his classroom and it finally sunk in that this is really going to be his job. Over the summer he did a bunch of trainings, but it still didn't really seem real. We'll have to pull out the camera and take some pics of his classroom. Kenzie thinks that his job is the coolest thing in the world and is stoked to have him be a teacher. So that's been kinda cute. I feel like I can't keep it all together now at home with adding some more classes to my already busy schedule as well as doing more training. But all and all we are all happy and healthy and excited for fall and to stop having to mow and weed the yard. Is it that time yet?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Train Obsession Continues

Levi was sleeping, Kenzie was at a friends house, and I was excited to get a shower in before noon. So I hopped in the shower while Cache was playing with some toys. When I came out, here he was. Sitting fully engaged watching a movie (he had put in by himself). I had to laugh because the movie is a train movie. NOT just any train movie. This is a BORING documentary of trains. No music, no excitment, just old men talking about different kinds of trains. I watched it for approx. 10 minutes and about died of boredom, but Cache LOVES it. I had to take a picture because he was as happy as a clam and was content to stay there until it ended. Boys will be boys I guess.

Below is exactly how I found him......

Can you guess what is he's eating?

A. Oreo cookies
B. A candy bar
C. Dirt/mud from the garden
If you guessed C, your right! Dirt from the garden. Every time I go outside to work in the garden, he starts his big feast. It builds up immune systems right?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

180 Degree Turn Point in our Life....

So I'm sure some of you know, and others don't.....BUT Bryce was laid off 6 months ago. We've been blessed to make it through but it has been rough. Anyway 2 weeks ago he interviewed for a job with Provo School District. Starting with 157 applicants it came down to him and one other guy. I was sure we had it in the bag. The other guy got it and I was devistated. A couple days later Provo School District called and offered Bryce a job teaching Special Education. They are going to pay for him to get his certificate while he teaches, and then they are going to help him get his masters too. Within 3-5 years they think he can be a principal or in some sort of administration position. Pretty Crazy huh? Never thought we'd be heading down this road, but with the Aviation and Construction markets, this one looks much more stable. :) SO....that is what is newest in our life.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Quote for the Day

As Bryce is "dipping" me giving me a kiss, we hear some snickering in the kitchen. "hee...hee...hee; you guys are in LOVE! says McKenzie. "That's why you have kids!" she says. It made me laugh because, really.......that IS why we have kids!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monumental Day in Amy's History

I have been so busy doing other things, I haven't blogged in over a month! Crazy! Anyway this weekend Bryce and I got to spend the weekend w/o kids in St George. We went there to do the St. George Tri. Unfortunatley for the athletes and fortunatley for me, the swim was canceled do to high winds. I was stoked! I haven't been in the water much this year so I was happy all I had to do was bike and run. They had a run/bike/run event. The run was pretty miserable because it was all in thick sand. Not so fun for the average road runner, but we managed. Because there are over 2000 racers, they start everyone in waves, so we never know how we do until the end. After we came across the finish line we cooled down a little and went to see our results. Bryce leaned over to me and said "Good job, you won your age group." I was like "Sweet!" THEN.....he leaned over again with a not so happy face and said......"What? You beat me!!" NOW this had NEVER happened and I don't think it will EVER happen again, so that's why it HAD to be blogged! I was stoked, but he didn't seem to be. I think his training efforts have just skyrockeded. We found out yesterday that we both got in to the St. George marathon. I'm sure I will see him putting more time into his training. At least I got to beat him once right?